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This blog has been designed most for the benefits of my students. I am interested in spiritual intelligence because I believe it leads to happiness and resilience. If you want copies of my published research (conference papers or articles in journals), feel free to contact me.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Excellent speakers

In the past, the most popular speaker by IIUM students who did the Internet assignment was Bilal Philips. Unfortunately, his old website was pulled down and replaced by a "new" website ..... which is not as good as the old one. You can still find some of his talks on-line - his talk "Searching for Inner Peace" is very good. Any tafsir by him generally works.

The new up and coming speaker is of course Suhaib Webb. His tafsir tends to be more detailed and long. I would advise all students to search for his old videos on his website. One talk is entitled "The role of Muslim students". This is absolutely excellent and a must talk to listen to because it is very relevant in a multicultural society like Malaysia.

Another speaker is called Yassir Fazaqa. You can find his talk on Audio-Islam under taqwa. His talk is entitled Self Image Psychology. I personally felt it was the best talk on Islamic psychology that I have heard on the Internet

Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing a great CV

I recently completed a leadership workshop with some of my ex-students from MGT2010 last sem. The logic is always the same. The purpose of coming to UIAM is NOT getting a degree but getting a degree that will give you the job you want. To get the job you want, you need a CV that will stand-out. For this, it is necessary to a) get reasonable grades and b) get involved in as many clubs, workshops, events ..... and document them in your CV. For this reason, I conducted a 2h workshop on "Leadership: Managing complexity". We essentially played a game for 1 1/2 h and then discussed the practical implications for 1h. It was a small investment in time, but it always makes you CV nicer......

Another soft skills session